The best way to manage maintenance operations

No more confusion with pen and paper, excel, or complex CMMS. Give employees the tool they need to get the job done fast, efficiently, and effectively.

Work Order Management

Supercharge Productivity

Centralise your entire maintenance operation in one digital system. Work requests and work orders can be assigned, executed, and signed off with a few clicks.

Quickly Assign Work Orders

Maintenance supervisors can quickly assign work orders to one or more user by dragging and dropping the work order across the kanban view.

Simplified Task Sign off

The Zoidii work order tasks screen has been designed specifically to minimise the time it takes for a technician to close off their tasks. When the inspection fails, all failed tasks can be added to one follow on corrective work order.

Track Everything

See everything work order related in the work order timeline log, including status changes, repair notes, parts used, and the notes from failed inspection tasks.

Work Request Management

Give employees outside the maintenance team the ability to report issues through one centralized work request portal.

Request Portal

Put an end to receiving work requests via text message, WhatsApp, post-it note, email, or phone. Folks outside the maintenance team can submit request through a branded work request page.

Eliminate Duplication

Guest users can view known issues on assets before submitting the work request, thus eliminating duplication.

Stay Updated

Guest users can also log back into the request portal to view progress on their work requests, reducing the need to hound the maintenance team for updates. Guest users also receive email notifications as the work is being done.

Quickly Prioritise & Assign

Maintenance supervisors can quickly prioritise those work requests and assign them to technicians with a few clicks.

PM Management

Best in class maintenance is 85% planned, 15% unplanned. Get on top of your unplanned maintenance with Zoidii’s preventive maintenance module.

Simplified PM Triggering

Make preventive maintenance planning a breeze using time or meter based triggers, or both. No need for complex excel sheets - Zoidii triggers automatically when a PM is due.

Add Checklists to PMs

Create standardised checklists for preventive maintenance, safety checks, inspections, and planned part replacements and add them to PMs; ensuring everyone is completing PM work as prescribed.

Fixed or Float

Trigger time or meter triggers based on a fixed or floating schedule.

Add Planned Resources

Maintenance planners can add guides, procedures, and recommended spares to the PM ensuring technicians have everything they need to do the job right first time.

Inventory Management

Find the parts you need when you need them with the industry’s easiest to use CMMS inventory module

Quickly find Parts in Stock

Load all parts and suppliers into on central database so technicians can quickly find the part, or order the part, when they need it.

Add Parts to Work Orders

Assign parts PMs and work orders to ensure technicians see the parts they need to complete a job, and all consumption is tracked when the job is complete.

Eliminate Stockouts

Inventory planners can assign Min and Max levels to each part storage location, ensuring the part is stocked when technician needs it.

View Part Install History

View a full history of installed parts on the asset record including date, technician, associated work order, price and quantity used.


Checklists help eliminate human error by standardising the work into manageable, repeatable steps. Build checklists into your daily operations to instill repeatability and consistency into the culture of your organization.

Standardise your Checklists

Checklists help eliminate human error by standardising the work into manageable, repeatable steps. Build checklists into your daily operations to instil repeatability and consistency into the culture of your organization.

Drag and Drop to Reorder

Not happy with the order of operations in your checklist? Reorder tasks by dragging and dropping to make the checklist more effective and efficient.

Add Tasks & Subtasks

Subtask functionality means inspections and replacements can be broken down into more manageable components.

Add to PMs and Work Orders

Checklists can be added to both PMs and work orders. Record meter readings, pass/fail, repair text and more in each task or subtask. Steps flagged as failed are added to a single follow on work order.

Dashboard & Reports

Get a full picture of your maintenance operations, inside and out, with Zoidii dashboard and reports. Zoidii is built to make analysis quick and easy.

Get the 360° View

Reports and dashboard give you a better view of your maintenance operations. Generate insights in seconds.

Business Intelligence

Chose from a simplified suite of maintenance reports that give you the information you need from across your maintenance operation.

Build a Culture of Accountability

You can't hid behind the data! Zoidii helps organizations become more accountable and trusting.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Harness the power of your data to make informed decisions that help optimise the way you do maintenance. Find new ways to innovate and transform the way your team operate.