Do you own a small or medium-sized company and need a large business safety programs without going over budget?
CORSafety can help.

Consulting & Support

Here if you need one hour, one week or continuous support
CORSafety offers highly flexible consulting programs and a large variety of safety support services to keep you working regardless of your budgetary constraints
Consulting & Support

Program Development

Safety Programs tailored to meet the needs of your organization
We design comprehensive safety programs that keep you compliant and maximize your safe working conditions for any capacity and budgetary needs you may have.
CORSafety Programs


Maximize the effectiveness of training in your organization with our e-Training System
Turn-Key-Solutions branded with your company content so you can perform a higher level of due diligence when training employees.
e-Training Solutions


Since 2009 we have helped over 300+ small and medium sized companies achieve COR by utilizing our strategic processes and suite of online tools.
CORSafety provides the resources and support business owners and managers need to effectively maintain their safety programs.

Become part of one of Canada’s leading customer-driven, health and safety organizations by joining CORSafety and gain access to our powerful, results-oriented community focused on building and maintaining effective safety programs.

Get a head start on your safety program today.