CORSafety Products

“The point is that being able to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ is not about having a thing, it is about doing a thing” – Max Geyer

CORSafety e-Training System

CORSafety offers the Turn-Key training solutions you need to stay competitive and boost your liability without breaking the bank

Professional Courses

  • Hassle-free training, Online 24/7
    Designed in-house by our experts
  • Integrate FAQs, external resources, audio and video
  • Interactive exercises, quizzes and tests

Simple & Effective

  • Our experts design professional e-training courses ready for you at unbeatable prices
  • Get the courses and content you need

Tangible Results

  • Built-in reporting tools to get you the results you need when you need them most
  • Automatic certificate verification
  • Track your employees progress through your suite of courses in real time

Turn-Key Solution

  • CORSafety’s IT infrastructure hosts and manages your e-Training system so your IT nightmares can finally be put to rest
  • Our technical know-how and expertise lets you turn the key without spending a dime on implementation

Company Branded Courses

  • Designed to suit your companies needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Integrating you company content and branding improves the quality of training

Accessible & Compatible

  • Stop training in a broom closet and start training anywhere on-the-go with CORSafety’s online e-Training System
  • Mobile and user friendly

Quality not Quantity

  • Tailored with the content relevant to your industry and organization.
  • Traditional template courses can be effective but lack the relevant information your company needs to work safely
Stop Juggling your Safety Program and get organized with a CORSafety Dashboard

CORSafety Dashboards

Centralize all your daily operations with a CORSafety Dashboard and Make Safety Manageable

All-in-One Solution

  • Keep your e-Training, document management, Forms and maintenance management systems all in one place with your own company URL suited to meet your company needs

Zero Infrastructure Cost

  • We host your company dashboard so you don’t have too
  • We manage and update your Dashboard so you can have 24/7 IT nightmare-free access anywhere you have internet

Flexible & Adaptable

  • If you use a web service or product that we don’t have listed, no worries! We can integrate it for you.
  • We will centralize your daily operations so you can effectively use our suite of tools to cut down on the costs of managing your safety program

Simply Manageable

  • Select only the services your company requires and have them ready for when you need them the most
  • Never worry about missing a feature, we will update your dashboard with new features as you need them

Dashboard Features

  • e-Documents (Electronic Document Storage)
  • e-Forms (Electronic Forms with offline submission)
  • CORSafety e-Training System
  • e-Maintenance System
  • ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks connections
  • Access to you local legislation
  • Trusted Auditors ready at your fingertips

e-Maintenance Software

Maintenance Assistant is dedicated to bringing an easy-to-use, low total cost of ownership solution for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) too small to medium sized businesses.

Maintenance Assist Features

  • True Multi-site access control
  • Mobile Device Accessibility
  • Guests / Requestors
  • Fast & Scaleable Cloud-based Hosting with 99.5% uptime
  • Built-in language translator
  • Asset Management
  • Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Work Orders & Requests
  • Triggers & Metering
  • Inventory & Supply Chain
  • Reporting