Making Safety Manageable

Small Businesses Big on Safety. Born out of need for a product that helps owners of small and medium sized businesses to meet and comply with large business safety programs, CORSafety was created to help small business manage safety and provide the necessary resources to develop comprehensive safety programs.
About Us is a customer-driven organization operating it’s home office in Calgary, Alberta. We represents small and medium size firms with a common goal to build a safety community. This safety community networks with key stakeholders in the industry through online tools and community events. We are harnessing the power of a larger group to help individual companies. As the saying goes there is strength in numbers.

As a customer of CORSafety, you’re part of one of Canada’s leading customer-driven, health and safety organizations that has formed a powerful, results-oriented group focused on building and maintaining their individual safety programs. Our customers have reduced their liability and legal obligation as they can provide a due diligence factor to their safety program simply because they have joined

Our Vision…

is to build an online safety community network that empowers the small and medium sized business to succeed in implementing a safety program that educates the workers and gives them the knowledge to make proper, safety conscious choices.

Our Mission…

is to provide the tools necessary to operate a safety program at an affordable cost and to ensure that the small business operators have the necessary tools to improve their company’s working conditions, while ultimately educating the worker.



You are not alone. CORSafety has a network of Safety Professionals that are experienced and will guide you through the development and maintenance of your safety program. Our consulting programs are flexible and offer various types of support to fit a wide range of budgets. We will help you achieve your safety objectives regardless of if you are in the early stages of developing a safety program or if you are at the implementation stage. We can also review your current safety program and ensure you and your employees are as protected as you need to be. If you need someone for one hour, one day, one week, or on a continual basis we can help.

COR and SECOR Safety Programs

CORSafety was created to help companies achieve get the COR system in place and in many cases we maintain the safety program with them. With our 20 years in industry we have helped over 200 companies attain their COR certificate, in such industries as Construction, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Retail and a variety of different trades, from BC to New Brunswick. One of CORSafety's strengths is the wealth of knowledge we have in creating COR and SECOR programs, along with the necessary tools and content required to develop, implement and maintain the program. Your company can save money in the development stage by utilizing our document library including all the policies, and procedures to begin creating your safety program today.

e-Training Course Development

Our e-Training is set up to provide you the customer all the power to control the course material by utilizing our course authoring tool you can create the most OH&S compliant training, our turnkey system is built to allow you the customer to control the course materials which in turn can make your course specific to your operation, we provide a Learning Management System used for tracking the student results, your company does not have to spend money inmplementing a system as we have taken care of all the hard work, AND IT"S FREE. CORSafety helps clients by creating courses based on their safety program needs using our world class Web Course Development tool. We make company specific course from scratch or from one of our many templated courses already developed and ready to go.

Safety Manual Development

CORSafety will help with the development of your safety manual to what ever capacity and budgetary needs you may have, we deal with many small business owners who need to watch every penny they spend, we also work with clients who need to update and or re-vamp their manuals to bring them inline with the audit protocols.

Safety Support Services

In many cases CORSafety and our staff can work right from program development through to Implementation, this means passing on our knowledge to our customers, such as how to conduct proper meetings, inspections, investigation etc. We also provide training on how to best utilize the online tools to make safety more manageable.

WCB Claims Management Services

Many of our clients call us to get help with Claims Management as it is one area in safety that if you don’t have experience can cost the company a lot in claims cost, thus increasing their WCB rates. We can help by either just offering advise or act on your behalf to mitigate the costs to the company.

Contractor and Safety Registries Account Management

CORSafety is well versed in the ISNETWORLD, Avetta and COMPLY WORKS registries, if you need to get your account up and running we can help or if you need to accomplish your RAVS we can help. If you need to maintain the registries we can help. CORSafety has the staff to support your use of our program. Our staff will aid you in developing your e-Training and e-Maintenance program, to reduce pressure on your employee's to allow them to better focus on your business.

Formal Hazard Assessment Program Development

Using the Hazard Centric Assessment Tool CORSafety’s staff can build Formal Hazard Assessments using the Nominal group approach. We will gather together your content experts and using the HCAT document the task being assessed. This process will create the Formal Hazard Assessment, the Safe Work Practices and Procedures, the Competency Question used in the e-Learning Course and the Mentoring Certificate used to track onsite competency.

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