Safety efficientcy made Simple with a Cloud based Safety Management System.


Paper may work well in an office environment, but not in the field. Filling in, chasing after, and storing safety paperwork is one of the most frustrating and value-destroying tasks; on top of that, not getting it right poses substantial risks. Having your workforce remove safety paperwork optimizes the safety process. SafetyTek does this with the following features:

  • Mission Control Dashboard,
  • Digital Safety Forms,
  • Cloud Based File System,
  • Corrective Action Tracking,
  • Training Matrix,
  • On/Offline Functionality,
  • Collaborative Checklists
  • And much much more...

The Online Advantage

SafetyTek accomplishes this by creating time, saving resources, and increasing your company's safety culture by leveraging technology to streamline data directly from your workforce.


Take a look to see just how easy using SafetyTek really is.

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