Safety Dashboard

This new Safety Dashboard is designed to make safety manageable. After dealing with the many different responsibilities required to operate your safety program, CORSAFETY wanted to make it easier to access the required tools: Such as CORSAFETY's e-Safetysync software, your company's e-Training portal along with links to ComplyWorks, ISNETWORLD and our CORSAFETY CORStore.

inexpensive custom elearning for safety management

The safety dashboard is designed to be company specific. We host the solution on our servers, no need for infrastructure.

  • Your own URL address.
  • Pick the services you need when you need them! All WEB based, keep your staff connected!

Dashboard services

One place to manage your safety program
  1. Link to our Compliance Tracking Tool where you can ensure your safety program is meeting compliance
  2. Link to Your Company's eLearning Portal where CORSafety hosts your courses
  3. Link to our e-Safetysync - safety management software to help manage your safety program
  4. Link to E-maintenance website
  5. Our CORStore is filled with course templates that your company can customized and build on
  6. Link to one of our recommended Auditors
  7. Link to ComplyWorks
  8. Link to the ISNetworld website
  9. Link to the PICS Website
  10. Link to the Albeta WCB
  11. Link to WBC BC website
  12. Link to the Alberta OH&S website
  13. Link to Worksafe NB
  14. Link to the NBSCA SafetyNet
  15. Link to the ERCB website
  16. Link to our Live Link service (see below) where you can virtually connect with subject matter experts on demand.

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