Safety Manual Development

Manual DevelopmentManual development is geared towards our clients' industry and scope of work, as well as maintaining industry standards and government legislation.

This is accomplished by collaborating with your team to ensure Policies, Programs, Practices and Procedures are suited for your industry. We has developed Manuals in the Construction, Oil&Gas, Transportation, Manufacturing and Hospitality Industry.

The frame work of the binder system allows your manual to be organized and built in a systematic filing method that can be aligmed to match your COR audit format that your certifying partner has adopted.

If yourdocuments and forms are organized by number, version controlled, and dated when your team is implementing the system it will improve the system efficientcy in the implementation of your safety program which also aids in the efficiency of your audit.

Setting up your binder system to allow for supplying forms in blank forms and when your staff complete the forms they use, the binder acts as a filing cabinet. The completed documents can be scanned and uploaded into your e-documents tool and provides a method of filing for hard copy, blank forms and a storage location for completed documents.