Online Compliance Tracking Tool

When you're in charge of safety we know that you can be under a lot of pressure to provide results on safety improvements in your organization. Compliance tracking is built into all aspects of our system. You can keep track of compliance across all components and narrow things down by employee, position, or location! Organization wide compliance is summarized with our always available charting tool.

Organization Wide Compliance

Care EvaluationCharts are available that show compliance over time in easy to read formats. Check data like average program requirements and employee fulfilment over time.

Component Compliance

Care EvaluationYou can also check how compliance is doing for each component.

Specific Module Compliance

Care EvaluationWant to check out who has a read a policy in your system? Which employees are lacking training? Who read that bulletin you posted on an upcoming safety meeting? All of these and more have .pdf reports that can be run at any time. Our Premium clients will enjoy the ability to export these reports to excel for further data manipulation.

Email Reminders

Care EvaluationAdministrators can turn on email reminders in a time frame of their choosing. Notifications will be sent out to workers indicating lacking compliance. Any upcoming certification reminders will also be sent along with notifications of outstanding action items.