e-Training System

E-TrainingA New Approach to Training. CORSafety has a whole new approach to e-Learning. We help you stay competitive with our community based, all-in-one solution by providing you all the elements you need in a e Training program:

  1. Complete hosted solution – No Charge, no infrastructure to install
  2. Complete Learning Management System to Track all your learners course results
  3. Build your own e-Learning courses with ReadyGo our web course builder tool for $599.00, onetime fee
  4. Affordable! Training for your employees as low as $9.99/course!
  5. Purchase templated courses to build into your own so you don’t start from scratch

Our e-Training tools can help you create specific courses to meet your company's needs and regulatory requirements. We also provide basic courses that you are able to customize, as you require so as industry regulations and standards change you have the power to change your training on the fly. In today's ever changing environment, having access to an e-Training system that can keep up is a must!

CORSafety provides you a Web Course Builder that is an easy-to-use tool that dramatically reduces safety course development time. U.S. News and World Report has ranked this Web Course Builder as the number one course building tool.

With fast course regeneration, powerful template generation, and automatic creation of navigation elements, chapter indexes, and course indexes, forget about software incompatibilities, staging, and delivery problems. This Web Course Builder makes it easy.

Courses created with the Web Course Builder are built in HTML and JavaScript—standard technologies that work on any network—translation - they download quickly and easily, run on any Web server, and can be accessed with any Web browser. Any graphic or element that is Web viewable and any PowerPoint slide can be integrated into the course.

Course creators can create frequently asked questions, glossaries, links to outside Web pages, interactive exercises, articles, quizzes, tests, and surveys. The courses can be generated according to industry standards for tracking progress and testing.

CORSafety has created an all-in-one e-Training service to minimize costs and keep safety simple. Our e-Training tool allows you to create Web format training materials very easily and at reduced costs to you both financially and in terms of the ongoing time required.

Another benefit to our online e-Training tool and its customization is that creating company specific content allows you to perform a higher level of due diligence when training employees.

CORSafety also provides free hosting services to put your company e-Training courses on your company's custom, specific home page. Your employees will have 24/7 access to your unique e-Training page anywhere they can access the Internet.


  • Web Course Builder tool allows you to create or customize any course your company requires
  • e-Training system provides testing and tracking of employee results
  • A selection of Safety Courses are available for your customization.
    Download a PDF that details our pre-made eLearning courses.
  • Provide secure hosting services for your company's online courses


  • Company specific content can further improve the safety program and offer faster, more accurate communication by utilizing the e-Training system to share information with the employees in a way the results can be tracked
  • Improved employee retention
  • Basic ready to go courses reduce time needed to build a course from scratch
  • Money saved on course development
  • CORSafety has the IT infrastructure in place that allows for a turn key operation for your company when it comes to CORSafety's e-Training System.

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