e-Compliance Tool

Safety Compliance made Simple with our e-Compliance Tool.

E-Compliance Are you trying to manage different requirements from different organizations? Perhaps you're managing your COR program or the requirements to manage your RAVS program from ISN. Maybe you have been putting off getting these programs in place. The CORSafety e-Compliance Tool can help you

  • develop and control documents,
  • implement and manage action items for implementing,
  • give you a tool to manage all the various requirements.

The CORSafety e-Compliance tool is a web application based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This model enables organizations to pro-actively manage their OHS Program to meet the requirements of many standards, including:

  • COR (Large employer Certificate of Recognition) based on AASP
  • SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) based on AASP
  • COR (Large employer Certificate of Recognition) based on ACSA
  • SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) based on ENFORM Organizations with a single or multiple sites can:
  • View and track the implementation and management of their entire OHS Program in a single management platform providing the organization's safety performance in real-time.
  • Collect and track data pertaining to their OHS Program in a central, organization-wide data portal that serves to streamline the process and enhance the administrative efficiencies as well as prove due diligence in terms of Provincial OHS legislation and the Canadian Criminal Code.

e-Compliance has deployed the latest security and encryption technology so customers are able to securely sign-in to the system from anywhere at any time.


A "Road Map" to becoming compliant. The application provides you with:

  • Requirements - Clear goals to meet in implementing your OHS program.
  • Guidelines - Practical steps on how to meet the requirements.
  • Videos & Narration - Every requirement is linked to an online video to walk you through implementing the requirements.
  • Resources - 100's of appropriate links to helpful resources, templates, examples and articles to assist you in implementing your program and meeting the requirements.
  • Management Comments/Objectives can be created and set to assist in meeting or exceeding the requirements identified for your organization.
  • Action Plans can be developed, allocated and tracked to ensure continuous improvement and compliance.
  • Corrective Actions can be allocated and accepted within the system to ensure accountability and responsibility. Users will receive relevant emails from the system informing and/or reminding them of actions pending, due or overdue.
  • A Documentation Management System that can be used as a repository for:
  • Policies, procedures, manuals, forms, and other documents used in the management of an OHS program.
  • Record keeping and version control of documents.
  • Forms used in tracking of events (e.g. inspection forms, equipment checklists, tool box talk records) which can be added to the management system and downloaded when required.
  • A Multiple Site Tree for managing multiple sites/locations.
  • A Self Configurable OHS Home Page to meet your company specific needs and to help with creating awareness and disseminating information.
  • Various Permissions Levels to control and assist users in the system with how they manage, add and view content.


  • No software to download, for quick deployment and accessibility
  • No start-up costs, as it is based on a per month subscription model
  • Quick return on investment (ROI), 2-4 times quicker than traditionally installed software
  • Continuous improvement of the software therefore remaining dynamic and current
  • Scalable, the application can grow as your organization grows
  • No IT infrastructure required, including hardware or resources making it accessible to organizations without onsite, internal IT support.
  • Step-by-step implementation guidelines simplify management and reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time - enough said!
  • Business Continuity is ensured by central easy access to information in the event of disruption, such as turnover of key employees.

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