Small Businesses Big on Safety. Born out of need for a product that helps owners of small and medium sized businesses to meet and comply with large business safety programs, CORSafety was created to help small business manage safety and provide the necessary resources to develop comprehensive safety programs.

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Live LInk

Live Link

Connect Live with CORSafety Staff through “Live Link.” Live Link can help you get on demand expert services. You can navigate the solution to your questions instantly with live experts online in three different ways:

  1. Instant messaging
  2. Webcam as a virtual expert where clients, consumers or shoppers can connect webcam to webcam and on demand with subject-matter experts that are signed in through skype-- for example, safety consultants, technology experts, trades or .......
  3. Mobile smart phone

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E-Training System

e-Training System

Our e-Training tools can help you create specific courses to meet your company's needs and regulatory requirements. We also provide basic courses that you are able to customize, as you require so as industry regulations and standards change you have the power to change your training on the fly. In today's ever changing environment, having access to an e-Training system that can keep up is a must!

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CORSafety makes Maintenance Manageable too! Managing the maintenance portion of your safety program can be a complicated and costly experience. CORSafety has partnered with Maintenance Assistant, an online, affordable product geared to the growing organizations. This Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) grows as you grow and is accessible anytime, anywhere by your employees. There are no upfront infrastructure costs: we host the system, and CORSafety will help you use it to achieve continuous improvement in your operations.

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SafetyTek Software

SafetyTek Software

SafetyTek's online safety management system is a cloud based system that delivers your safety program digitally. There is several advantages to running your safety program in this format. Using the SafetyTek system it can lead to: 1. An 80% reduction in safety management costs. 2. An 85% decrease in incident frequency. 3. Up to 50% reductions in WCB premiums.

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Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

You are not alone. CORSafety has a network of Safety Professionals that are experienced and will guide you through the development and maintenance of your safety program. Our consulting programs are flexible and offer various types of support to fit a wide range of budgets. We will help you achieve your safety objectives regardless of if you are in the early stages of developing a safety program or if you are at the implementation stage.

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